A running club

Blovstrød Løverne’s history began in 1980 as an athletic club under Blovstrød Idrætsforening.

Blovstrød Løverne’s Running Club is a friendly and competitive club

with approximately 1000 members.

We offer training for young people, beginners, athletes, elite as well as Power and Nordic Walking.

Afspil video

Pictures from training and more info below


We offer a team-oriented, structured training environment with 12 permanent training teams and a number of other training programs. In addition we also offer training for beginners.

Before you sign up for the club, you are very welcome to attend a couple of training sessions so that you can meet the coaches and find the right team for you.

Time & Place

Monday at 17:30, Thursday at 17:30 and Saturday at 10:00 from Skovvang Stadium, Poppelvej 1 B, 3450 Allerød. At public holidays the meeting time is at 10:00. Free parking available. 

Travel with us

Members practice for several specific events/competitions throughout the year.We participate in big events abroad like Berlin marathon. We live up to our motto: it must be Serious, Fun and Social. The social aspect is expressed by many common experiences for runners , among other things through an exciting parallel program of sightseeing and cultural experiences. 




Come meet us up close

Every one of our team is devoted to delivering the best experience for you.


Vibeke Laumann

Chairman of the club

Per le Fevre Hansen

Per Le Fevre Hansen

Contact person of the Elite

Paul-Erik Hansen

Paul-Erik Hansen

Trainer of team 5 and chairperson of training board

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